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My name is Ed Adams, and I’m a designer, an illustrator, an artist, and if you want to play the title game - I’m an Art Director. I work in the NJ / NYC metro area and create things that people look at everyday; on the street and on the internet, I’ve worked on projects with the big budgets of fortune 500s to less lucrative jobs for bands and record labels. I thrive on both print and interactive; I’m able to handle everything from concept to flash development and I can act as a liaison between creative and technology with my working knowledge of both backend and frontend code [hopefully saving everyone a few years on their life expectancy]. I’m painfully organized, obsessed with “a christmas story”, and I can’t stand it when my glass coffee table has smudges. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: I love to make pictures.

If you’d like to talk about what kind of picture you need made [static or interactive], or you just want to talk about my typography, drop me a line at ed[at]flickertoflame.com and we can sit down, drink some tea, and have a chat.

Plus, you can always track my every move @ twitter (if I’m not being lazy) or head on over to LinkedIn for more professional info. Plus, you can always view the main purpose of flickertoflame.com: my portfolio.

Oscar Albis Rodriguez, from De La Hoya/Nakatomi Plaza fame, approached me to design and illustrate the new s/t Ghost Robot Ninja Bear LP. Starting from scratch, with some jumping points from the arigato pak from Sire Press that I originally designed, I took some visual cues from the 2-color EP design, but progressed into a full color illustration at size for a 12″. At this point, we’ve only released it on CD (in a beautifully printed digipac by Disc Makers), but there just might be some vinyl in the future (fingers crossed).

When talking with Oscar, his general creative direction was to take the Pollock-esque treatment of the Stone Roses’ covers, but bring in some elements of a favorite punk rock show flyer of his. The result was a combination of highly saturated colors, intensely detailed (and eye-destroying) illustration, and a super-chaotic vibe. It was an intense process of hand-built illustration, custom texturing, digital coloring, and ego-destroying self-critique (actually, welcome to my usual working process). It’s always an intense journey, but sometimes it’s just a bit more obvious where my time was spent. Enjoy the Photos below! (be sure to click “continue reading” to see the full collection)

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This is a short documentary I did during college about the Kid Dynamite reunion shows in 2003 at the Philadelphia Unitarian Church, benefiting the Syrentha Savio Endowment for breast cancer research and treatment. I just posted this on YouTube a while back after 7 years of hiding in the dark, aside from some in-class critiques and a short film “festival” of sorts that was held at the time. It’s rather interesting, albeit poorly planned, and I think it did a decent job of documenting an event from a spectator’s point of view, without having had the foresight to leave enough time for interviews, or really any preparation at all. I ended up renting a camera from the school a few hours before the show and threw things together on the fly — including the interviews and “b-roll” that I filmed during setup — and fortunately, the one thing I did happen to plan for was a wireless mic, which I rented along with the camera. Most of my interview questions consisted of “so, tell me the story of how you guys got this show together…”, which tends to show a little bit in the way I had to edit a few things together, but all-in-all I think it was a good effort for a last minute endeavor by an untrained “filmmaker” for a digital media course. I got an A.

The Job FolderI’ve been meaning to get this online as a free download for quite a long time now. What I’m sharing with you is a year and a half worth of folder-naming, structure-creating, reorganiz-ing, refinement of my freelance job folder structure. Exciting, right? Honestly though, this seemingly simple piece of organization is what keeps me sane on a daily basis — keeping my projects in order, my navigation easier, and my gray hairs to an absolute minimum. It may seem too minimal to really be that much of a help, but let me tell you, the amount of time I save in the long run by being painfully organize up-front is huge. Honestly, I have no way of measuring just how much time is saved, and Google Analytics has yet to offer me that feature in a nice organize bar-graphed manner, but I feel better about myself when I keep this stuff in some sort of a logical structure. You may find that some folders and titles aren’t working for your needs, but it’s as simple as a rename or deletion to keep your jobs intact. This will at least get some of the freelancers out there started on a new-found life of organized chaos, and over time, it can (and should) be edited to fit your needs. For now, I can say that everything has its place and I believe I’ve narrowed it down to all of the essentials, but then again, that could change tomorrow. (This same logic is why I don’t have any tattoos.) Download the job folder .zip file here.

Just wanted to share a recent review of the GRNB EP, since the artwork is featured so prominently on the page (aka shameless self-promotion). You can check it out at Nostalgia for Infinity!

Pink Sky in the Morning, Sailors' Warning…Sailor’s Warning. This is a sketch that I was working on last week (in my new, fancy Moleskin sketchbook), and I ended up inking it too as a rough exploration of what the final version would be. Unfortunately, I found a really similar concept called “Murphy’s Law” by another dude on Threadless that is keeping me from really exploring this too much as a submission possibility (I’m really, really disappointed about this discovery). I’ll give it some thought since I’d enjoy just continuing with it and adding color, so we’ll have to wait and see…

Just finished this one up for Threadless and submitted it yesterday. It’s still not up for voting quite yet, but I figured I’d share the illustration a bit ahead of time. It’s up for voting now! Enjoy (and vote!).

handlebar vs. mustache
Handlebar vs. Mustache - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More

Here are a few images of the latest layout I did for a band out of Brooklyn, NY called GHOST ROBOT NINJA BEAR. Oscar Albis Rodriguez, formerly of Nakatomi Plaza and De La Hoya, has started this new project and the first output is astounding. I’m really happy to have been a part of it and I look forward to working with him/them more. In fact, pins and stickers are currently in the works and will hopefully be done in the near future – I’ll get some shots up of those when I get my hands on them.

The layout is a silk-screened piece on a 100% recycled chipboard Arigato Pack by Sire Press out of Philly. These guys did a fantastic job on the production and actually lead us into what I would call a “happy accident” when they were doing some ink tests; we ultimately ended up using a standard teal ink in the first pass, then added a plastisol yellow, which was repelled slightly by the teal, giving us the appearance of a third color (bright green). Totally sweet effect in person, and something that I may plan on using in the future. See the image below for all of the silk-screened, recycled chipboard goodness, and be sure to click for the full post, which has a few more images!
ghost robot ninja bear EP
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Welcome to the new design and architecture of the flickertoflame.com blog! I’ve gone ahead and launched it for now after a lot of beta testing, cross-browser viewing, and good old eye-shattering visual critique – and still with the knowledge that there may be some issues here and there, specifically in the wonderful world of Internet Explorer (no version 6 testing this time around – see the footer for more info). For now, I’m really happy with the new look, and even happier with the way I built everything; from the ground up, using nothing more than Smultron, CyberDuck, and my dearest friend, WordPress. With a little learning of PHP, and a real test of my skills at writing CSS and HTML from the ground up, I bring you blog.flickertoflame.com!

Please let me know if you see any glaring issues, so I can make sure to fix them. If you’re looking at this on IE6, well, tough luck (sorry, but Google is backing me up on this one).

nitecrawlersA good friend of mine, Kevin Higgins and his co-pilot in filmmaking, Mike Salerno, are embarking on their second feature length film, entitled “Nitecrawlers” as you can see above. Their first feature, Plasterhead, was an independent success (on small-budget, indie standards, of course) and this time around they’re hoping to increase the stakes just a bit in this “coming of age horror tale”. Lucky for me, I was approached to do the branding for the film, as well as some Art Direction as they move into production. Needless to say, I’m stoked to be working on something like this, since it’s rather new territory for me, but gets me just as pumped as record layouts and music-related design.  I’ll keep updates on additional material as I move into new projects with them – in the meantime, keep up with their production details on their blog @ http://nitecrawlersmovie.blogspot.com/

After days of researching all of the available cases on amazon, eForCity, and assorted sites and blogs scattered across the internet, I stumbled across a small company based out of southern California that specializes in all sorts of gadget storage that not only protects your investment, but keeps it looking good; something I’m sure the gadget designers (laptops, iPhones, netbooks, external hard drives, etc.) really appreciate.

The company is called CaseCrown, and from my experience, it seems like they really do specialize in the royalty of gadget cases.  My experience is solely with the CaseCrown PolyCarbonate Slim iPhone case, but if this product is any representation of the rest of their chosen product line, they make and sell some of the slickest protective products out there.

1I had a few criteria for my iPhone 3Gs case that I had to meet: First, it had to be slim, adding as little bulk as possible to the overall design of the iPhone since I keep it in my front pocket. Second, it had to be tough enough to withstand some normal bumps and bruises without allowing the iphone to feel the pain. And finally, it had to be reasonably priced; not like some of these absurdly overpriced products from the Apple Store or even Amazon.com. There is no way that any amount of silicone wrapped around an iPhone could be worth $30.  This lead me to CaseCrown and their line of iPhone protective cases.

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