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My name is Ed Adams, and I’m a designer, an illustrator, an artist, and if you want to play the title game - I’m an Art Director. I work in the NJ / NYC metro area and create things that people look at everyday; on the street and on the internet, I’ve worked on projects with the big budgets of fortune 500s to less lucrative jobs for bands and record labels. I thrive on both print and interactive; I’m able to handle everything from concept to flash development and I can act as a liaison between creative and technology with my working knowledge of both backend and frontend code [hopefully saving everyone a few years on their life expectancy]. I’m painfully organized, obsessed with “a christmas story”, and I can’t stand it when my glass coffee table has smudges. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: I love to make pictures.

If you’d like to talk about what kind of picture you need made [static or interactive], or you just want to talk about my typography, drop me a line at ed[at]flickertoflame.com and we can sit down, drink some tea, and have a chat.

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kraft_yoplaitThis is spreading across the designers’ world like a virus, but it’s another example of huge companies rebranding themselves poorly, and in this case, using another company’s branding that’s already been established – and in practically the same industry! (albeit, the Yoplait logo is technically European)

The logos don’t even need my critique – just look at the photo, the similarities are undeniable. But really Kraft? You dropped your old, instantly recognizable, adequately designed logo for this?  As I read on another blog, it feels more like a daycare center logo than a food company – especially when you consider the foods that Kraft is mostly known for – oreos, macaroni and cheese, Kool-Aid, Cheez Whiz?  Come on, you’re not a mom n’ pop healthfood company distributed by Trader Joe’s – you’re Kraft – and now your logo looks like it’s trying to say “light, airy, healthy, active”. I don’t think it’s going to fool anyone.

Ultimately, you had a brand that was well known, felt like a master branded logo, and could be recognized by shape alone – nevermind the K-R-A-F-T – legibility ceased being an issue. I’m surprised that they would take something worth so much in equity, and just kick it to the curb.

Ultimately, it’s a huge corporation, and I couldn’t care less about how they brand themselves, but I can’t even begin to understand the mentality in “change for the sake of change” – stop doing that.

One Response to “Really Kraft? Ever heard of Yoplait?”

  1. Hutch says:

    Absurd. And you really hit the nail on the head about the impression the logo leaves — if Kraft is anything, it’s not light and flowery.

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