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After days of researching all of the available cases on amazon, eForCity, and assorted sites and blogs scattered across the internet, I stumbled across a small company based out of southern California that specializes in all sorts of gadget storage that not only protects your investment, but keeps it looking good; something I’m sure the gadget designers (laptops, iPhones, netbooks, external hard drives, etc.) really appreciate.

The company is called CaseCrown, and from my experience, it seems like they really do specialize in the royalty of gadget cases.  My experience is solely with the CaseCrown PolyCarbonate Slim iPhone case, but if this product is any representation of the rest of their chosen product line, they make and sell some of the slickest protective products out there.

1I had a few criteria for my iPhone 3Gs case that I had to meet: First, it had to be slim, adding as little bulk as possible to the overall design of the iPhone since I keep it in my front pocket. Second, it had to be tough enough to withstand some normal bumps and bruises without allowing the iphone to feel the pain. And finally, it had to be reasonably priced; not like some of these absurdly overpriced products from the Apple Store or even Amazon.com. There is no way that any amount of silicone wrapped around an iPhone could be worth $30.  This lead me to CaseCrown and their line of iPhone protective cases.

The case itself does not wrap fully around the iPhone, but protects the back, sides, and corners fully. The top and bottom chrome bezels are exposed, but it allows for a less bulky case and helps retain the look of the iPhone itself, if that is of any concern to you. The sides chrome is covered by a thin strip of the polycarbonate, even allowing the iPhone to be placed on its screen without worry of screen contact with the table.  On the sides, the rocker switch and ringer switch is exposed in a small opening, allowing for easy access and no fumbling that would occur on a thicker, less exposed case.  On the back, the camera is exposed allowing for an unobstructed view, and the Apple logo is even exposed, if you really need to let the world know that the phone you are speaking on is certainly an Apple iPhone. I could do without that, but hey, there are more people out there that have the iPhone as a fashion accessory than people that actually use the iPhone as the powerhouse that it is.

Speaking of that exposed Apple logo on the back, I must say that it could be called a design drawback in terms of functionality. slim case backI’ve found that it allows dust and dirt in, potentially opening the possibility for scratches on the back of the phone. I’ve periodically been removing the case (quite easily, I might add) to clean it out every couple of weeks, and it has yet to pose any kind of permanent threat to the shiny back panel. So far, so good.

The case’s lack of bulk is a huge plus if you have an iPhone dock, such as my Sony SRSGU10ip (ridiculous product name, awesome product).  With a quick and simple hacksaw modification to the 160 gig iPod dock adapter, my phone slips perfectly into the dock without having to worry about removing the case or risking a wobbly connection.

Finally, the texture of the case is awesome, allowing a sturdy grip when in your hand, and a smooth entry and exit into your pocket. As I said before, I keep my phone in my front pocket, so in comparison to a sticky silicone case, this thing is smooth like Marvin Gaye on a cold winter’s night. Jokes aside, the texture of this case is an interested sueded type material that really balances well between grip, durability, and slickness.

All in all, I would highly suggest the CaseCrown PolyCarbonate Slim Fit iPhone case. It’s reasonably priced (only ~$9 on their site www.casecrown.com), well made, and the perfect protection for the type of person that already takes good care of their investment. I wouldn’t suggest it for someone who drops their phone a lot, or is just generally hard on their belongings, but then again, those people probably also shouldn’t have a $600 phone.  Thrown on some screen protectors, and you’re in good shape.

CaseCrown: http://www.casecrown.com

Find it on Amazon: http://amzn.com/B001MY369U

2 Responses to “The CaseCrown iPhone Slim Hard Case”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Hey Ed. I also own the CaseCrown for my iPhone 3Gs and agree it’s great. My only complaint is the difficulty of adding a screen protector. Have you figured out anything?

  2. Ed says:

    Hey Jeremy! Yeah, I actually have had luck with the screen protectors from eForCity, which I buy on eBay. For $2, shipped, I got 6 of them the other day. They will fit without any modification, but it can become a huge headache doing it that way, so I just use an x-acto knife and slice a tiny sliver off of each long side. Basically, the smallest amount you can successfully shave off should do the trick and still protect the screen. Good luck!

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