…I am Ed.
My name is Ed Adams, and I’m a designer, an illustrator, an artist, and if you want to play the title game - I’m an Art Director. I work in the NJ / NYC metro area and create things that people look at everyday; on the street and on the internet, I’ve worked on projects with the big budgets of fortune 500s to less lucrative jobs for bands and record labels. I thrive on both print and interactive; I’m able to handle everything from concept to flash development and I can act as a liaison between creative and technology with my working knowledge of both backend and frontend code [hopefully saving everyone a few years on their life expectancy]. I’m painfully organized, obsessed with “a christmas story”, and I can’t stand it when my glass coffee table has smudges. Ultimately, it all comes down to one thing: I love to make pictures.

If you’d like to talk about what kind of picture you need made [static or interactive], or you just want to talk about my typography, drop me a line at ed[at]flickertoflame.com and we can sit down, drink some tea, and have a chat.

Plus, you can always track my every move @ twitter (if I’m not being lazy) or head on over to LinkedIn for more professional info. Plus, you can always view the main purpose of flickertoflame.com: my portfolio.

Pink Sky in the Morning, Sailors' Warning…Sailor’s Warning. This is a sketch that I was working on last week (in my new, fancy Moleskin sketchbook), and I ended up inking it too as a rough exploration of what the final version would be. Unfortunately, I found a really similar concept called “Murphy’s Law” by another dude on Threadless that is keeping me from really exploring this too much as a submission possibility (I’m really, really disappointed about this discovery). I’ll give it some thought since I’d enjoy just continuing with it and adding color, so we’ll have to wait and see…

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